Below area samples of some of the project management tools and services we provide.  All of these samples are from the same site, so you can easily compare and see what tool fits your needs the best.

360 Spherical Image Tour

Next time you go to the job site, create a 360-tour to share with remote stakeholders.  You can easily add notes to the tour to communicate questions or issues found during your site visit.  This is great for reviewing construction progress or providing a basic layout of the space.

Immersive Digital Tour

When you need comprehensive, photographic documentation of a job site, an Immersive Digital Tour will provide the highest level of detail.  You could even gather dimensional data using this technology to confirm site conditions, if needed.  Common uses for Immersive Digital Tours are for showcasing an existing retail space that is ready to open or when accepting a space from a landlord.

3D Building Information Model (Navisworks)

There is no better way to confirm your scope is accurately identified, coordinated, and communicated in the drawings by converting it to a 3D model using.  As you can see from this animation, sprinkler lines, ducts, and lights are all proposed to run through structural beams that were not considered by the architect.  Having the design team make this change in the model is far simpler and cheaper than having the GC deal with this in the field to correct on their own.

Floor deviation reports

Using LiDAR surveying equipment, we perform high-resolution reality capture services to provide floor deviation reports.  Now you can feel confident that your space will meet your floor flatness requirements.